The Foundation for Complex Health Solutions Emerald Gala was a beautiful event hosted at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. Guests and corporate sponsors helped tackle some of the biggest medical issues today that do not receive enough, if any, attention besides in their own niche medical community, and even those are often set in their ways with few prospects for progressive care. Doug Stratton and the board work pro bono in a field where they are passionate and experienced. They work alongside experts that help provide guidance to the system, in order to improve the day-to-day lives of communities affected by these health care problems.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended and helped raise awareness for its goals. The key to the success of the Foundation is raising awareness and events such as the Emerald Gala are a tremendous means to promote these charities.

Though the majority of the population is fortunate enough to not live with sustaining issues that come along with paralysis, stroke, and brain & spinal cord injury, the specific support needed for these individuals is astounding, and recovery is possible if the correct time and resources are utilized. This is a prime example of how the foundations unique approach, through the programs it develops and/or sponsors, fits a niche in today’s medical world. By paying attention to details that affect each condition and individual the Foundation’s programs fill an important void in healthcare.

Supporting medical and social conditions, which are commonly overlooked, is immensely important. The Care and Innovation Award winner highlighted how insurance and hospitals can often leave behind those suffering with spinal cord injuries. The founder of NeuroHope, Chris Leeuw’s story brought tears to the room as he insisted on overcoming his condition and his family fought to find a way to make it work with all parties involved. Through the Foundation’s support, and that of many others. NeuroHope can now further help people who need more attention in the second and most important stage of their journey to recovery after a spinal cord injury, brain injury or a stroke. It is crucial to not only address the lack of opportunities for extended rehabilitation programs, but to work towards the common goal of recovery while encouraging patients in the time they need it most.

The Foundation is striving to make positive changes in the realm of case-by-case childhood issues that get overlooked when people think of medical conditions and illnesses that need funding, and more importantly research. The first step an individual can make is to raise awareness for these complex situations and help bring compassion to the affected individuals.

While the rate of children being diagnosed on the Autism spectrum increases, and the medical expenses for treatment continue to soar, our Alternative Autism program is paving the way in analyzing other therapy and family care options at the research and healthcare level.

Energy Krazed is another support program with the intention of creating an interactive approach to addressing childhood obesity and building confidence among young kids. The Foundation aims to change attitudes and misunderstood health care issues, which not only helps to treat them currently, but ultimately lays an excellent foundation for the future of challenging healthcare.

In addition to rerouting the line of care received by patients suffering from these issues like these, the Foundation’s programs also offer alternative and sustainable ways of living in terms of preventative care. Programs like Healthy Balance and Evolution of U promote key lifestyle changes through a balance of mind, body, and spirit transformation. Techniques include yoga, therapeutic massage, and enhanced nutritional attention to work through chronic pain problems, The all-around holistic approach to discovering the best and healthiest version of yourself is foundational for wellness.

While there’s been fantastic forthcoming success and support for the initiatives mentioned above, there is so much room for growth in terms of research, improved care and awareness with programs such as Hemophilia Disease Management and Right Steps for HIV/ AIDS care reform & support. From all of us at the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions, thank you again for participating in this successful Emerald Gala, and thank you for your continued support.