Alexis Roth-Graneros, Advisory Committee

Alexis M. Roth-Graneros, MPH, is a doctoral student in health behavior and assistant instructor at Indiana University’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (Bloomington, IN). She is also a Projects Coordinator for the Indiana University School of Medicine (Indianapolis, IN) and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion (Bloomington, Indiana). Her research aspires to improve women’s sexual health by reducing stigma and improving access to needed public health services. Roth works with the Marion County Health Department (Indianapolis, Indiana) to develop methods for expanding prevention, screening, and care for stigmatizing health conditions (particularly sexually transmitted infections and HIV). She has developed skills in translational research, community-based participatory methods, and is truly committed to evidence-based practice and policy implications of her work. Her recent projects have sought to expand collaborative efforts between the local public health and judicial systems, as well as recently arrested women using community-based participatory methods to co-create sustained health care solutions.