Looking Beyond what the Doctor Might Order

One of the most effective methods of breaking or interrupting the cycle of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression is the practice of various relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, and mindfulness training. Researchers once thought that pain, anxiety, and depression were related due to psychological factors. Researchers now know that pain shares certain biological mechanisms with anxiety and depression and these biological mechanisms are impacted by the same progressive relaxation techniques practiced by the Foundation’s Healthy Balance program. To learn more about the Healthy Balance Program, click here.

Foundation for CHS Welcomes New Board Members

We’re excited to have two new members on the Foundation for Comlex Healthcare Solutions Board of Directors!
Welcome Kurt Herron and Stephanie Goodrid Lawson.


UnknownKurt Herron – COO & Business Partner, Orthodynamics Company, Inc.

Kurt joined Orthodynamics in November of 2001. Orthodynamics is a medical equipment company that provides orthopedic, assistive technology and ventricular assist device (VAD) equipment to patients in the home environment.  Today, Orthodynamics is the largest provider of VAD outpatient equipment, serving patients across the nation.

Kurt has also formed his own angel investing company, KHLG, LLC.  Kurt is an entrepreneur at heart and has formed several business relationships and partnerships with other companies.  He is currently a partner and acting COO for a small optical frame company based in Indiana.

Prior to joining Orthodynamics, Kurt spent 16 years in the semiconductor business working for DuPont Photomask, Inc.  He served in a variety of positions including sales, operations, supply-chain, and asset optimization. He has spent an extensive amount of time working with semiconductor companies, DuPont manufacturing facilities, and suppliers throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.  DuPont Photomask was E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company first IPO, as well as one of the most successful IPO’s in the company’s history.

Stephanie Goodrid LawsonStephanie Lawson – Gift Officer at the Eskenazi Health Foundation

Stephanie currently serves as a Gift Officer with the Eskenazi Health Foundation, which raises philanthropic support to enable Eskenazi Health to provide quality health care for all without exception.

She has successfully managed a major gift portfolio consisting of corporate foundations, family foundations, physicians, community leaders, women’s auxiliary groups and staff, resulting in successfully solicited   gifts up to $500,000. One of the many highlights of serving with the Eskenazi Foundation has been her role in coordinating the fundraising efforts of the new Marianne Tobias Music Program and the Public Art   Program, which has allowed her to work with artists from around the country, as well as cultivate and solicit art and music patrons in the Indianapolis community. She also spearheaded and managed the women’s philanthropy initiative including working with the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild.

Additionally, she has had the opportunity to develop a stewardship plan including processes and procedures for key events, donor recognition and gifts for donors and volunteer leadership. Another unique opportunity has been taking the lead on managing the implementation of a new donor recognition software, Giftmap, for the campaign.



How the Healthy Balance Program Helps

Approximately 400,000 of 4.9 million adults in Indiana experience chronic lower back pain.

Healthy Balance is an 8-week program that we support in order to help people with chronic lower back pain. The results of this program have been great so far. Back pain has been reduced, money typically spent on treatment and medication has been saved and both physical and mental construct scores of participants have improved.

Our experts Eric and Amy Banter are helping lead this successful program.


Here are some testimonials of our participants:

“This program reduced my back pain and reliance on pain pills.”

“Before I came here, I had difficulty walking for any distance at all. I was biding my time, knowing I needed to have back surgery. After this program, I can walk with no pain at all (except for my planter fasciitis, which is improving also), so I know I won’t need surgery. This has changed my life!”

“I sit up taller, my legs are more straight, and my pain has gone down 60%. The exercises are helping me to lose inches. I am more aware of what I eat.”

“I am highly pleased with the program.  I liked the fact that Eric showed me yoga exercises to help me gain strength and confidence for a pain free future.  The program could last longer and have periods of times when we can still interact with Eric and Amy as instructors.”

“The combination yoga and massage I felt was very beneficial. The yoga helped calm the nervous system and allowed me to stretch particular muscles. I was sad to see the program end. I have been feeling better and better and have been taking less pain meds and muscle relaxers. And with that in itself I believe a continuation Program or Benefit would be very beneficial. Thank you for your time!”



Johannes, Le, Zhou, Johnstoin, and Dworkin, 2012

Collaboration with Organizations

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions has had the opportunity to work with many organizations and groups to implement programs. Below is a list of collaborators:

  • Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association
  • Indiana University Health
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Regenstrief Institute
  • Indiana State Department of Health
  • Indiana Department of Insurance
  • Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning
  • Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center
  • Shamrock Wellness
  • Community Health
  • Parkview Hospital
  • Park Center
  • Healthy Indiana Plan

If you are interested in collaborating, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Staff Insights Video

This video highlights some of our programs and the great things that we have been able to do for people!