Energy Krazed – Reducing Childhood Obesity in Indiana Initiative

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions (FCHS) supports the mission and vision of Energy Krazed dedicated to reducing childhood obesity in Central Indiana by empowering youth to take charge of their minds, bodies, and ultimately their futures.

In 2015, a handful of health-focused individuals came together to assist in the energizing Hoosier healthcare. In 2016, FCHS provided a $10,000 grant that allowed the newly created 501c3, Energy Krazed, to advance the innovative initiatives they have branded as Right Mind, Right Meals, Right Moves. Their mission is to be a catalyst for change by driving superior health habits in our local youth and their families resulting in an enhanced health status ranking of our community.

Countless research studies tie the cause of life-threatening diseases to nutrition and lifestyle. Nutrition, mindfulness, and exercise are well-documented in numerous medical publications for their recognized effectiveness in disease recovery. Despite these innumerable studies, most of the public is unaware of the signification connection that proper diet, positive thinking, and exercise have with life-threatening disease conditions. Our local community is still largely reliant on an expensive and largely ineffective medical system. The current health care delivery system emphasizes the use of….Click here to read more