FCHS High Risk Care Delivery

FCHS was established as the managing successor to the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association or the State high risk pool. FCHS’s original programs were developed to address the excessive costs of care for Hemophiliacs and HIV+ individuals. For Hemophilia patients, the problem was the exorbitant cost of blood factor. For HIV+ patients, the problem was the overall cost of care, including drugs, hospitalizations and lifestyle health factors. For Hemophiliacs, the cost solution was a better blood factor purchasing model, which saved over $16 million over four years. For HIV+ patients a program was developed, Enhanced Care, which successfully managed patient lifestyle factors yielding such significant results that the program Enhanced Care was recognized by Congress and four consecutive years of funding by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a model HIV+ care management program. To learn more about how these very successful programs, contact us at foundation-chs.org.