Getting the most out of your doctor visits

In a contemporary twist on the ancient dictum, “physician, heal thyself,” it is sometimes restated as “patient, heal thyself.” So how to apply this to your next doctor visit? It is well established that patients who are engaged with their health and healthcare are better off than those who are “detached” or passive in the doctor’s office. Having a basic knowledge and understanding of one’s health status and ailments can have a significantly positive impact on treatment outcomes. Patient engagement is encouraged by many enlightened doctors. For an array of conditions, patient engagement is often practiced in the form of “shared decision making” where the doctor discusses treatment options and potential outcomes with the patient and encourages patient involvement in the decision making process. Research has established that patients who are fully engaged in this manner actually have an enhanced potential for more rapid recovery than patients not involved and engaged in the treatment discussion and decision process. To learn more about overall optimal health functioning, visit us at