Linda Banter, Advisory Committee

Linda Banter’s journey began in the late 1960’s. She found herself seeking and knowing that there was more to life than what she had been experiencing. She once had a wise woman tell her it was “Divine Discontent” that she was feeling. This inner discontent led her to yoga.

Linda began attending yoga classes and continued to take a level I yoga class because the other students were not interested in a level II class. She discovered that as she continued to practice her yoga, even at a beginning level, her body and mind became more aware. It was through this heightened awareness in her Self that she realized and experienced the connection of the body, mind and spirit. This awareness and connection changed her own perception of life. Linda’s way of relating to her spouse, her children and her friends and family began to heal her. Meditation became more important to Linda. Her diet changed from eating beef and pork to eating only fish and chicken and her family did the same.

Linda’s spiritual life took on more meaning as she practiced her yoga and began attending a meditation class once a week. She felt a sense of peace that lightened her responsibilities and made life more enjoyable.

Linda began to teach yoga classes, attended seminars and spent two weeks at an ashram in Pennsylvania studying yoga. She could not get enough of what she was discovering about herself.

The connection of body and mind led Linda to massage training and receiving certification as a massage therapist in 1982. She co-founded a massage school, Healthy Lifestyles School of Massage Therapy in Muncie, IN in 1997. She became certified as a yoga teacher in 2003, and Eric and she opened Pathways To Wellness in 2007. In 2010, Shamrock Wellness was created, which included education and corporate wellness programs. In 2011, Shamrock Wellness had fulfilled its vision to integrate the modalities of yoga and massage into the United States medical system with Amy Banter, MD, as it fully integrated its services into Riverview’s Health and Fitness facility at Hazel Dell Parkway.

It has been said that the decisions we make today affect 7 generations into the future. Linda reflects back on her life and realizes that the choices she has made has certainly affected the people she loves.