Programs We Support

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions has supported and invested in several innovative healthcare solutions since our inception. We are dedicated to looking for better ways to manage complex conditions. Below are some of the organizations and programs we have funded. In addition to funding, we can also provide research and data collection support for innovative health care approaches to assist organizations in determining the impact on quality of life and cost. We have developed numerous studies supporting improved methods of healthcare delivery and process.

We are always looking for organizations, individuals, and other foundations who are willing to assist us in funding innovative healthcare solutions.

Alternative Autism

Currently under development, the Alternative Autism Program aims to generate more effective and less costly approaches to treating Autism Spectrum Disorder without sacrificing quality of care.

Fishers Rotary Club Community Garden

The Fishers Rotary Club Community Garden is dedicated to alleviating food insecurities in Hamilton County. In early 2016, FCHS made a commitment to dedicate resources to assist in determining the impact the 2016 harvest had on the local community.

Energy Krazed

Energy Krazed is a non-profit 501c3 organization developing fun, relevant, educational, and interactive programs that empower teens to take charge of their minds, bodies, and ultimately their futures.

Enhanced Care

In collaboration with several emergency department avoidance programs, Enhanced Care employs strategies to control emergency department spending, lower patient claim costs, and increase higher patient adherence and quality of life.

Evolution of U

Employing a holistic approach to healthcare, The Evolution of U integrates functional medicine, integrative nutrition, and yoga therapy into a program that assists in participants discovering their best self.

Healthy Balance

The Healthy Balance Program is an integrated and individualized yoga therapy and massage therapy program encompassing a medical doctor, licensed massage therapist, and certified yoga therapist for people suffering from chronic pain.

Hemophilia Disease Management

In collaboration with the Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, the Hemophilia Disease Management program aims to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs for people with Hemophilia and blood related disorders.

Love Fresh Food Community Garden

The courtyard vegetable garden was developed to show students and faculty the importance of quality food and healthy eating. The garden is harvested each week to make lunch for faculty and staff members at Shortridge High School and provides examples of healthy meals that can be made from the vegetables the garden grows.


NeuroHope staffs physical therapists that specialize in neurologic recovery and are devoted to bettering the lives of individuals living with spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke.

OutCare Health

OutCare Health provides extensive information and education on LGBTQ healthcare. OutCare recognizes the unique health needs of LGBTQ individuals and connects them with the most appropriate healthcare providers, resources, and events.

Right Steps

Through personal facilitators, incentives, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and collaboration, the Right Steps program aims to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and improve quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS.