Shortridge High School Community Garden Receives $8,000 Donation from Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions

The Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions donated $8,000 to the community garden project implemented by Cathy McElroy at Shortridge High School. The courtyard vegetable garden was developed by Cathy a few years ago to show the students and faculty the importance of quality food and healthy eating. Ms. McElroy harvests the garden each week to make lunch for faculty and staff members to show examples of healthy meals that can be made from the vegetables the garden grows. Cathy also loves photography and has created beautiful mural installations of her photos that brightly color the cafeteria and hallways at Shortridge.

An earlier grant allowed for a raised bed garden amphitheater, including four handicap accessible beds. Special needs students helped Cathy plant in the handicap accessible beds last fall and are starting seeds for the garden this spring. “My long term goal is to have the students harvest with me and help make specials for the cafeteria in a cooking class,” stated Ms. McElroy. “The grant from the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions will continue garden growth and help to increase student involvement in the program.”

Doug Stratton, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation noted, “Community gardens have shown impacts in addressing food insecurity, nutrition, education, and childhood obesity. This is a great program that benefits the Shortridge community. The Foundation is honored to support its continued development. We want to in n innovative solutions to healthcare issues, and good nutrition has proven vital to positive health outcomes. We encourage our supporters to get involved in this and other local community gardens to see the effects firsthand.”

About the Foundation for Complex Healthcare Solutions: The Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with the purpose of developing and supporting innovative healthcare programs for individuals with chronic, complex, and complicated conditions living in the State of Indiana. The Foundation works with self-funded employers, provider organizations, research organizations, and other not-for-profits and commercial payers in Indiana to help support the programs and to research alternative methods of health and wellness approaches. Learn more at www.

Eric Banter, COO