What Do Foundations Do?

What do the 911 call system, PBS/NPR, Pell Grants, Community Development Corporations, and The Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) all have in common? They are examples of institutions or programs that originated or developed through the impetus of foundations, specifically, not-for-profits; the 911 emergency call system nationwide implementation was facilitated by Robert Wood Johnson; the Public Broadcasting System (NPR-PBS) and Pell Grants were both driven by blue- ribbon  commissions financed and run by Carnegie Corporation of New York; CHIP was shaped by predecessor initiatives supported by numerous foundations, including Robert Wood Johnson and Annie E. Casey foundations; Community Development Corporations were driven by the Ford Foundation. In each example, foundations acted either as a driver, partner or catalyst to engender the development and implementation of such valued resources of the civic sector, thereby enriching the lives of millions of Americans and even the world. To learn more about the work of FCHS, visit us at www.foundation-chs.org (Source; The Foundation: How Private Wealth is Changing the World by Joel Fleishman)