What if Foundations Didn’t Exist?

Without foundations, the civic sector would be significantly less dynamic, less innovative, and less responsive to the needs of society. Without foundation funding, it would be significantly more difficult to bring about changes in public policy and major social institutions such as universities, schools, and the healthcare system. Public discourse on government policy and social issues would be greatly impoverished and many institutions that constitute the basic structure of American society would be weakened or not exist at all. Without the long term funding that foundations provide, the civic sector would be more short-term focused resulting in significant loss of the long-term perspective to meet the emerging challenges of society. Foundations, through their strategically focused boards, and skilled, thoughtful and professional program staffs provide the civic sector resources that they would be otherwise ill equipped to afford. To learn more about the resources which FCHS delivers to its grantees, visit us at www.foundation-chs.org.